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About Me

Hello! My name is Natasha. I started Down Home Designs in 2020/2021 after leaving my career as a Childcare Centre Supervisor in Ottawa. I was on leave with a plan to return in September 2020 when the pandemic hit. As a Mother of 2 children set to attend school I knew I wouldn't be able to manage the constant absences due to Covid protocols with such a demanding job. So, I made the tough decision to stay home which ended up being a great choice as my mental health took a nose dive. 

I had become extra invested in my many artistic endeavours (Alcohol Ink, Brush Lettering, Card Making, Signs, and Shirts) and quickly discovered epoxy resin tumblers. Before finishing my first cup I knew I had found my passion, my integrity, and I set out to learn as much as I could. Through my business I have discover my joy, my truest self, and my purpose... to connect and create with others. 

I love a challenge, and making people happy. I believe in being kind just to be kind. 

What you see here learning, years of experience with different mediums, and a constant desire to bring joy to others. It's not just stuff, it's memories, it's yours, and it's YOU. In whatever way you want to be seen.


Let's get to creating fun. 

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