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Things You Need to Know

As mentioned in descriptions these are handcrafted items, this takes a lot of time but means you are getting the best quality product I can provide. Each item is made to your specifications but may contain some extra elements. I mean glitter, there may have unintended glitter on the cup.

No two items will ever be the same. Spray paint, glitter, alcohol inks, all can have a habit of not doing the same thing twice in a row. For this reason products will not look exactly like what is displayed in a mock-up photo or to others within a bulk order.

No refunds are given for tumblers but if an issue occurs please reach out. Epoxy is durable but it will break if dropped. A care card is provided with each purchase and you are responsible for the correct care of your tumblers and epoxy items. Do not leave your tumbler in hot environments (your car in the summer), this can, in some cases, cause the epoxy to soften.

Resin products take time to craft. Larger orders or more complicated designs will take longer than small simple orders. When booking a consult please complete the relevant form to ensure I will have space at the time your set is needed. I will contact you with updates throughout the process.

I reserve the right to refuse any order I deem against my personal principals. This includes, but is not limited to: Racist themes, Anti-LGBTQ+, Appropriation, Promotion of Violence, and the like. Remember, Choose Kindness.

Delivery included. Pick-up available.

Fundraisers: As my personal motto is to “Choose Kindness” I love to support community organizations and am open to making donations should my schedule allow. Please email me at to inquire.

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